B.O.L.T. is the "NO COMPROMISE" biker rights collective. We oppose discrimination against bikers and other motorcyclists. Known, primarily, for opposition to government-mandated motorcycle helmet laws, we lawfully fight discrimination on all fronts, including legislative buildings, courtrooms, and the streets. Membership is limited to proven freedom fighters who become known to us as a result of their actions, using a nomination and acceptance process. Friends and supporters are welcome here, to learn and share. Position Statement | Case Law Studies

Tony Pan discusses helmet law protest rallies.

France: motorcycle protest - 100,000 bikes paralyzed the nation

Fellow Riders,
We are "Divided"... no group or origination covers the Nation and every type of motorcycle, moped and three wheeler.

As long as we are separated, we won't be able to organize an event like the one in France: http://www.mravic.org.au/forum/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2155

So, who is willing to join me and make this happen in the USA ???

Who is going to go out as a unified group and make a statement that can't be ignored?

Every state capital and Washington DC in 2012, the END of the world as predicted by the Mayans !!!

New York Call to Action

I support this call to action issued by Bill Cox, and hope all motorcyclists across the country commit to financial and all other assistance they can provide any legal case that gets to the appellate court level. jan


On May 16th, 2011 motorcyclist from all over New York assembled at our state capital in Albany to voice their opinions and concerns to the state legislators and other people in charge of transportation issues.

My take on the Michigan Helmet Law

The Michigan helmet law came about via a federal bribe in the mid 70’s which basically denied federal funds for roads unless Michigan, (and all 50 other states), enacted a helmet law. This was one of many Nanny laws that resulted through the formation of Ralph Nader’s vision within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NHTSA. Nader’s point of view was that you could not count on educating motorists on traffic safety with dependable crash survival results.

NC Call to Action! H392 Modify Motorcycle Helmet Requirements


Open Office: http://boltusa.org/docs/h392.odt
Adobe PDF: http://boltusa.org/docs/h392.pdf
Word: http://boltusa.org/docs/h392.doc
HTML: http://boltusa.org/docs/h392.html

To contact the individual who issued this call to action, click on jan
The following is still in more of a raw html format.

MA Appeals court requests additional hearing on Boston's EPA Stamp Act

(Boston, MA) The Massachusetts Appeals Court has given notice to Attorneys for the City of Boston and the Justice Riders, who filed suit in July 2009 to strike down an "EPA stamp" Ordinance for motorcycles or face a $300 fine, that they want "oral arguments" early next month, before issuing a decision.

DE House Bill 95 introduced to eradicate helmet carrying requirement

Delaware lawmakers have introduced House Bill 95 which would clarify 19 year olds and above are exempted from helmet law mandates. Under present law, all motorcyclists are required to carry a helmet with them. This is a rather strange requirement which has been occasionally misinterpreted by some law enforcement officials. That requirement would be removed if HB95 is enacted.
Comment by jan. Here is the message source from Hildy:

Anti-Profiling Legislation to be signed by WA Governor

Mr. Breeze and WA bikers worked hard and smart on WA Anti-Profiling Legislation
Olympia (AMP)

AMA Alert: Save the Recreation Trails Program

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) issued the following Action Alert. This is time critical and needs to be done by April 14th, 2011. Act now to save the Recreational Trails Program.

Checkpoints anti-profiling bill not stopping

NC House Bill 381 Checking Station Pattern Selection receives favorable committee report!

Motorcyclist dragged 50 feet by helmet

In Jackson, MS, 28 year old William Miller, of Carrollton, Al was riding his new Suzuki motorcycle when he was in a motorcycle accident and went down. While lying in the road in an unlit area, a Toyota Corolla came along and ran him over. The Toyota snagged him by the motorcycle helmet, and ended up dragging him by the helmet 50 feet down Main Street. After the Toyota stopped, passersby lifted the Toyota to free the man.

Swing the Budget Axe! at NHTSA $7M helmets

The NHTSA projected budget proposed by NHTSA director David Strickland for the year 2012 includes $7,000,000 which would be used to promote mandatory helmet laws.

Source: http://www.dot.gov/budget/2012/budgetestimates/nhtsa.pdf
Find section 3011 at page 180.

The Motorcyclist Safety Grants encourage States to adopt effective motorcyclist safety
programs. The amended grant program would allow States to expend funds on a comprehensive
motorcycle safety strategy, with an emphasis on activities which would increase the use of

OFFICIAL complaints about helmets

Here is a short URL that people can give to everyone to let them know they should be filing helmet complaints, OFFICIALLY and OFTEN. Complaining to each other does no good, but passing this little link on to everyone can. It is a short enough url that you can twitter it to everyone you know, and even put ns3.us/odi on your business cards. It explains why you should file helmet complaints and helmet law complaints, OFFICIALLY and OFTEN. http://ns3.us/odi

2011 Legislative Proposals and Bills

It is that time of year, when motorcycle-related legislative proposals are being introduced across the many states. If you have asked legislators to introduce legislation in your state, please log in and tell us what you have asked for. If someone else has asked for a legislative proposal and you know about it, please mention that, also. If the proposal has become a bill, please tell us the link to it.

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